I need to find a way to organize my organizational structure.

Textbooks. Binders. Homework. Notes. Comps binders. Articles. More textbooks. More binders. More notes. Term papers. As a speech person, I tend to be a tad OCD about organizing myself. I have binders for days, with neatly divided sections denoting class notes, homework, term papers, and even a few odd exams here and there. I also have every textbook I have ever purchased for my speech degrees.

After looking over some class notes from my undergrad days, it dawned on me that they're practically foreign to me now. I read the words and see how hard I worked to grasp all this new information. But the me of today and the me that started studying to get into this field nearly nine years ago are two very different people.

Part of me wants to break free of the old, and embrace the new. Start fresh. Embrace the new me, keep my books for references, and renew things from the vantage that every new day of work brings to me.

While the other part of me wants to savor that old process of learning. Comb through it like an anthropologist looking for clues about how a fresh mind can become a specialized, thinking machine.

Decisions, decisions.