What's new with Oso Therapy

Since my last post here, there’s been some changes here at Oso Therapy. It’s been in the works for a while, but I have taken the step from a web-based idea and blog and steadily built it into an independent therapy practice! Oso Therapy is a 100% independent practice, and is open and available for both in-person appointments in Albuquerque and telehealth appointments, which I can provide throughout the state of New Mexico. I do hope to eventually serve others out of state, but this will take some time to organize, especially right now.

Populations served

I serve an adult population, specializing in acquired neurogenic-based speech, language, cognitive communication, and swallowing disorders. I am also an ASL/English interpreter, and can provide services directly in American Sign Language (ASL). My experience working with individuals across the lifespan and across the hearing loss spectrum has also lead me to work with many individuals with hearing loss and at many stages of life. I am also a certified LSVT LOUD and eLOUD provider. A love and appreciation of technology has also lead me to work with a variety of AAC systems, and I am passionate about use of AAC as part of stroke treatment and recovery.

In my work with individuals with acquired injury, I have also encountered and worked with younger individuals with brain injury and stroke. If you are wondering if the services I provide might be a good fit for you, feel free to get in touch.

Telepractice update

At Oso Therapy, I am able to provide services both in person and via telepractice. I am committed to providing services for those who need it, and especially given the circumstances right now with COVID-19, having the ability to provide services virtually is very important to me. Equally important is the ability to have a simple and functional manner to do so, and for that reason, I use a web-based system that is both HIPAA-compliant and simple to use.

Insurance and Payments

I’m pleased to report that I am able to accept several common insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, Presbyterian, Western Sky, Railroad Medicare, Humana, and I am proud to be able to serve our nation’s Veterans through Triwest.

If I do not have a contract with your insurance plan, I am able to serve individuals with out of network benefits, and can submit claims as a courtesy on your behalf. I can also provide a copy of a superbill should you choose to pay out of pocket and want to seek insurance reimbursement.

Self-pay is also an option, if you are interested. Any questions? As always, get in touch.

Requesting appointments and getting in touch

If you have questions about getting started with therapy, simply contact me to get in touch. I try to get back to emails within 1-2 days (I truly am solo, and have no staff currently, so you’ll be communicating directly with me for any questions).

While the contact form is the easiest way to get in touch, the next best option is to request an appointment through my client portal. This is a secure portal, and you can request an appointment directly here by selecting “I’m a new client” at the top of the page and following the instructions. Please note that I may not be available for the time you request, but I will notify you if that is the case and will be happy to find a time that works for both of us. For any new patients, I kindly request that you have a doctor’s referral for therapy, especially for insurance coverage of services, as well as any recent notes or reports from your provider(s).

Oso Therapy and COVID-19

Because of the ongoing situation with COVID-19, I am taking steps to ensure that in-person appointments are essential, and as such am determining them on a case by case basis. If treatment can be provided effectively with telehealth appointments, we will do so. Many insurance companies, including Medicare at this time, are allowing flexibility in this area and are willing to cover services provided with telehealth the same way they would in-person.