Taking a Birds-Eye View

Last week marked five months for me at new job. It occurred to me today that in those five months, I have had only a handful of days off; two days for the holidays, and two sick days. Like many SLPs, I was a student pretty much my whole life, so I could generally count on having breaks here and there. Once I started focusing on my work in the medical setting, however, that natural break time disappeared, and I have had to learn how to build it back into my life.

I finally got the sense to take some time for me, and am taking a long weekend and heading out of town right this very moment (blogging from 35,000 feet!)1 to visit a friend I haven't seen in two years.

Now that I'm away, I'm reminded that sometimes you have to take care of yourself. And that overworking yourself does no one, yourself or your clients, any favors.

This month also marks two years since I finished grad school, and in another month it'll be one year since I got my CCCs.

It's nice to pause and look back to see how far I've come, as sometimes it's easy to get lost in just how far I still want to go.

Thankfully, an airplane ride offers some excellent time for self-reflection. And for that, I can't help but feel grateful.

1 Don't quote me on that number, I'm just eyeballing it.