New Year, New Goals

A lot of changes are afoot for me right now. I'm rotating from a primarily neuro caseload to one that incorporates more trauma and surgery. I'm excited to learn new things, and to have the chance to learn more about ENT aspects of speech pathology.

I have other goals as well, listed in no particular order:

  • Simplify my computing experience - I have come to the conclusion that I was at my most productive when I had only one device to work from. Having spread myself too thin, I long for that simplicity. My ideal set-up might be to have one home base computer (iMac) and two peripherals to be mobile components (iPhone and iPad).
  • Turn my iPad into a laptop replacement - The original iPad was the first product I ever purchased on the day it was released. It was my last semester of grad school, and I bought it as an early graduation/post-comps gift to myself. It quickly replaced my laptop in my bag, and I found myself using it to take notes in class and even write some assignments. Also, my current third-generation iPad is actually a more powerful computing device than my trusty old iBook G4 (still my favorite computer I have ever owned).
  • Write, write, write - I think about a lot of things. Since October 15, I have made it a point to sit down and write at least once a day. I haven't missed a day since, and plan to keep it up for the foreseeable future. My next step is to write more on this website. As far as what I'll be writing here, I think it will be a mix of speech things, resources I find useful, stories I like to tell, and technology I like to use.

I'm looking forward to the year ahead. It should be interesting, challenging, and fun. And I hope that at this time next year I look back and think about how much I learned and grew, and how much more I hunger to know.