Learning to Code

The move from ICD-9 to ICD-10 was an interesting one, but didn’t end up being as challenging as I had anticipated. Perhaps that’s in part because online resources are plentiful, and also might be because electronic medical records help organize things.

When I first transitioned from acute care to outpatient, I purchased the 2016 edition of ASHA’s Coding and Billing book. It proved to be a very valuable resource to have on hand, especially as I was the first SLP working in my clinic.

I haven’t yet purchased the 2017 edition, though I do frequently refer to ASHA’s website for support. ASHA has a dedicated page for ICD-10-CM codes for SLPs and audiologists, and it’s full of useful information.

For SLPs, I recommend downloading their 2017 guide here , and audiologists have a dedicated document as well, which can be found here .

No matter the setting you work, being familiar with coding is always an asset.