It's fun to realize you started out having no clue what you were doing.

I'm in the midst of some late spring cleaning1 today, and while going through an old file box I found a file dedicated to old notes from immediately after I graduated with my Bachelor's degree. I enjoyed a brief year and a half stint as a Speech-Language Pathology Apprentice, before going to graduate school. At the time, I was thrilled to have the chance to do real therapy. And now, with the power of 20/20 hindsight, plus a Master's degree and now my CCCs, I realize now just how little I knew at the time.

I wouldn't change my experience for the world, of course, because we all have to start somewhere, right? And here's one of the first objectives I ever wrote (please note that as a SLPA, I was not allowed to write goals; however, I wrote them as practice in my notes, to try to get an idea of how to do things):

  • 2-3 step directions: follow with as little help as possible.
  • Given target words and pictures of increasing complexity, student will formulate complete, grammatical sentences.
  • Produce /sh/ sounds and /s/ blends in all word positions at sentence level (structured activities) with 80% accuracy.

Good thing I learned how to write in grad school. Sure, I drove my first clinic supervisor crazy, but to her credit I now know how to take the vocabulary I clearly knew and really make it work for me. Though I'm doing my best to minimize the things I keep, I think I'll hang on to these. It'll be nice to stop every once in a while and see just how much I've grown.

1 Better late than never, I suppose.