Coffee, My Foot

Sometimes this job is interesting in spite of the work itself. Take the following sequence of events that happened to me while I was covering the weekend shift last week:

  • family member spills hot coffee on my foot
  • coffee soaks through shoe and sock, and oh it burns
  • family member says "oh it shouldn't be hot because I put a bit of tap water in it"
  • family member accuses me of low pain tolerance
  • I exit briefly to remove sock, cool foot, and replace sock with hospital gripper sock
  • I conclude evaluation
  • family member asks if I'm a registered democrat
  • I decline to state one way or another
  • family member tries to get me to sign petition so they can run for public office

I wish I was making this up. I wish I didn't have to explain to that person that the discussion should be around patient care only. I wish I could have at least gotten an apology for spilling hot coffee on my foot.

Luckily, I took good care of my foot so it's doing just fine.