ASHA 2012

I'm currently sitting on a plane, roughly 39,000 feet in the air and give or take 400 miles away from Atlanta. It's my first time visiting the city and my second time to attend the yearly ASHA Convention. I've been looking forward to the convention for months, as have many others I know. To get a sense of the excitement, all one must do is check out the #SLPeeps hash tag on twitter. I myself have been tweeting a great deal about it.

I am excited for the things I get to learn, and I am equally excited about seeing my friends. I love being part of such a diverse and talented group of professionals, and I love that we all value professional and clinical growth opportunities. For many of us, our learning takes place just as much from one another as it does from conferences, journals, and workshops. I love that being an active member in this group has afforded me the chance to grow so much. I love the connections, personal and professional, and I love that meeting everyone in person is just like seeing old friends.

I hope everyone has a great convention, learns a ton, and goes home feeling energized and excited to bring new things into our daily lives as clinicians! I look forward to seeing everyone and getting a chance to enjoy visiting a new city. I have my convention gear and a camera at the ready. ASHA 2012, here we go!